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Our Core Selections:


Belgian Tripel 8%

An elegant and clean classic Belgian triple. Fruity esters complement the pilsner base malts for a surprisingly easy to drink 8% beer.


 2015 Best Florida Beer Silver Medal Winner


Berliner Weiss 3.5%

This Cool Beautiful Groovy Beer will bring you back to the summer of 1969. Refreshing tartness with lemony flavors. Served on it's own or with flavored syrup.

Rotating Treatments: Apricot (2016 Best Florida Beer Gold Medal winner), Plum, Cranberry, and Blackberry (2016 Best Florida Beer Bronze Medal winner)

Tent Beer

Munich Lager 5.2%

Whether you are camping, at a festival, or just kicking back our Tent Beer is light and refreshing but not watered down like the typical domestic lager.


Double IPA 10%

Copious amounts of malt were used in this copper colored delight. In order to provide balance we threw in a few extra pounds of hops. Aroma is citrus and pine. 

2016 Best Florida Beer Gold Medal Winner


Classic English style porter. 6.5%

We often say that this is a Florida Porter. Light in body with the perfect amount of nuttiness and a slight hint of chocolate.

Magpie Rye

Rye Pale Ale 5.6%

Named after our official greeter and brew dog, Maggie, Magpie Rye is dry hopped with Amarillo hops for a sumptuous aroma and a crisp, dry finish. 

Poco Loco

Belgian Pale Ale 6%

A Belgian style ale with a touch of spiciness from orange peel and a bit of coriander.


American Pale Ale 5%

An easy drinking, classic american pale ale. 

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